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In an opening scene of the new digital show East of La Brea, lead character Aisha, a black American Muslim woman, stands with her hands together, head bowed slightly in prayer, draped in a mauve-colored hijab and blue jeans. She’s at a mosque with an assortment of mostly older Muslim women sitting on the carpet beside her, when her phone rings to the tune of Lil Pump’s “Gucci Gang.”

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Paul Feig’s digital production company Powderkeg has launched Break the Room. It is a writers room development initiative formulated with writer-producer Sameer Gardezi. BTR, done with support from PopCulture Collab and MuslimArc, will approach the creation of diverse content by bringing writers of color together with community thought leaders for a week long writers room...

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[Dwayne] Johnson and Dany Garcia will executive produce via Seven Bucks Productions along with Paul Feig and Laura Fischer under their Powderkeg banner. Sameer Gardezi will serve as producer for Powderkeg’s Break the Room along with Hiram Garcia, Kevin Hill, and Brian Gewirtz for Seven Bucks. Hannah Kitziger will oversee the project for Quibi.

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