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 Program Director 

Saleem Reshamwala is a Japanese-Indian-Muslim-American journalist and filmmaker whose recent work has focused on culture, ethnicity and music.

Recent awards include an Emmy®-nomination for his work on implicit bias and race while at the New York Times and Best Music Video at the Hip Hop Film Festival in Harlem (for G Yamazawa's, "North Cack").

Outside of film, he is the host of TED's Far Flung, an audio travel show about ideas. Saleem has also created work for The Guardian, POV and the PBS Digital Studios series, Beat Making Lab, for which he filmed rappers and beatmakers in Senegal, Ethiopia, Fiji, Panama and the Democratic Republic of Congo. He has studied, worked or hung out in over 50 countries. Currently, he's working on a narrative half hour based on the award-winning short, Van Sanctuary.

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